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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waited for more than an hour

Baby Jay has not been feeling well and he is worse last night. He woke up in middle of the night, demanding for his water bottle. The next round he cried and woke me up with him soaked in his vomit. Sigh!

So this morning when he is having a slight fever and less active, we took him to see doctor. Hubby's company panel clinic. First time I been there but gosh! I do not think I would like to go there again. The queue and waiting! even Baby Jay also grew restless.

I did not think much about the long wait, but we waited for more than an hour. Should have go for our breakfast first then come back but we did not. At first Baby Jay was fine as he got iPad to play with but nearing to the end of the waiting, he was hungry. Alas! I did not bring his milk out. So Big J bought some nasi lemak for us and after few feeding he was fine. When it comes to see doctor, he did not look happy. Maybe not his usual doctor.

Baby Jay got bad sore throat, cough and flu. So got to be patient to feed him the medicines for the rest of the week. He needs to be fit for the CNY drive back. As for Princess, she has a day off from school yesterday but today she attended school since her coughing is getting better.

P/s for the record, Baby Jay around 29 months old and is weighing around 12.5kg.