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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Jay: at 28 months old

I have been lazy in updating his progress, so I better make an effort to do so now before I procrastinating again.

1. He speaks more words now, like "hot", "dark", "sleep" and so on.
2. He learns to brush his teeth. He has been lazy in the past to brush his teeth and we are having tough time to do so. Now he slowly acquired to the brushing.
3. His "toilet business" is not that frequent anymore. Instead of every day, now it is like once 2 days or sometimes once every 3 days! He eats fruits but his bowel movement go hay-wire.
4. He is technology savvy. I guess all kids does. He plays with phone and iPad. He recognises few icons in iPad and only press those icons. He knows which icons we always go too. *wink*
5. He eats more rice than porridge. Does not enjoy porridge anymore.
6. He has sweet tooth as he takes coffee, tea and soft drink.
7. Scared of people wearing uniform such as police, security guards. Lol!
8. Boys always boys. He loves to play with toy cars and trains. He even held them when he goes to sleep.
9. He loves to mimic his sister and will do what ever she does. So both always end up fighting over something. Sigh!

Now I am teaching him to say "Gong Xi Fa Cai" so he will be able to greet people and get red packets in the coming CNY! Lol!

Could not think of anymore. Will add in when I remember something about him!! :)

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