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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Speak it more

I told my Princess the other night that we need to talk more in Mandarin. When she asked why, I told her that soon she will be going to "Big School" (aka Primary School) and everyone would be speaking Mandarin.

Although her Mandarin improves greatly for the past 2 years, she is still lacking of confidence to master it. So I guess we have to start practising with her in that language so she will not have any language barriers when she enters Primary One next year. So from time to time, we will be talking in dual languages (English and Mandarin). If some words she does not understand, I will explain to her in English and sometimes BM again.

Hard to train her as I am not from Chinese medium school but it would be good experience for me and both kids to speak Mandarin. My Baby Jay mostly speak in English now but I still speak in dual languages to him. Hope he would not have some resistance in learning Chinese like his sister, when she initially ignore and resist to talk in Chinese. Sigh!

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Iriene said...

It is good that you add Mandarin into your everyday conversation with your children at their young age. My son can understand but refuse to speak ... Keep it up!