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Monday, April 22, 2013

What they did on Sunday?

It was a wonderful weekend with enough rest and activities for the kids.  On Saturday we went to CityOne Mall in Jalan Song.  It has been opened for few months but it was our first visit to the mall on Saturday.  Nothing much to shout about as almost the same as other shopping malls in Kuching. Not fully occupied, but on the weekend they have a RC competition in the podium which the kids enjoyed watching. 
We spent the whole morning in shopping mall as it was very warm day and the kids could not wait to get out from the house.  But in the afternoon, we stayed indoor with a lot of Chinese drama. 
On Sunday the kids are going to Sunday school.  It has been few years since we brought the kids to Sunday school.  *wink*  Now that we are baptised we must do our parts as parents in educating the kids about God and Bible.  So the kids were up early as usual on Sunday morning, around 7.30am.  I wished they could sleep longer so I have some more sleeping time in the bed but GOD!  The latest they give me a morning call is 7.30am.  But still it was better than other days when they were up early on Saturday and Sunday before 7.00am and started to disturb the quietness of the neighbourhood with their voices.  *wink*

After taking an hour getting ready, we went for our breakfast in the nearby coffee shop.  We finished our breakfast by 9.30am and since it was still early, we drove to Kubah Ria to check on the new Wisma Satok Market there.  Nice place.  And glad that many new shops are built there.  Can see some development there.
We reached the Sunday school by 10.20am and without an delay we brought the kids into the class.  Singing and story telling for the fist 30 minutes and then the kids are divided into smaller classes according to their age.  I accompanied Baby Jay to the youngest age class while Princess went to the 7-years old class.  She was doing fine by herself there.
As for Baby Jay, we had some singing, art work and snack times which last more than an hour.  Some kids are naughty and chatty but when it comes to snack time, everyone were so quiet and obedient waiting to be fed.  Could not help taking photos of them.
First time I saw my Baby Jay so attentive and really pray.  I wonder what he was praying??  Maybe asking for snack time to come fast?  Lol!

When the crackers were served, he grabbed quite a lot and finished them up.  And he got a chocolate for being good boy in the class.

As for our lunch we went to the airport for McD meals.  The kids were enjoying their burgers and fries there.  After that Big J brought them for a chair massage.  It was Baby Jay's first massage and he was having a great time.  But we could not help laughing at him as he was shorter and smaller, and I noticed that the massage was centred on his head!! 

 Princess tried the chair few times before, so she has no problem on the chair.  What a pampered girl!?

We went home after that and the kids still have energy to play in their room.  But by 3pm, Baby Jay was knocked out and slept for almost 2 hours then.  And mummy and daddy also can finally have some quiet time in the afternoon. 

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