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Our lovely princess

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Her doodles and drawings

Long long time did not post my Princess' art work, so here it goes!
Playing with the pencil residue after sharpening.  A butterfly and a flower.  Got this inspiration from a blog, but could not remember which blog. So sorry I could not give credit to the concerned blog but if you happen to bump into this post, please let comment and let me know your blog address ya??

She seldom colours her pictures, so this is a very rare occasion where she did her colouring.

As usual, she loves to draw people.  And on this paper, she is drawing the characters from "Barbie".  Now Barbie is her idol.  I guess most girls love and dream to be like Barbie. 

A verse she picked up from the Bible

And the young artist, whose birthday is falling on this Sunday!!!  Happy 7th birthday to you, my Princess Jan!

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