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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

His new diet

Lately our house is smelled of kimchi.  Big J lately has been crazy about kimchi diet.  He knows that eating kimchi is good for health and also can help in weight management.  Big J has been trying to lose some weight but since this year he has been so busy with work that he did not have time to exercise and almost every night come back late from drinking and entertaining.

Tonight he just bought home a pack of kimchi he from Seoul Garden.  The kimchi does smell nice but I do not fancy its taste. 

Big J has been taking kimchi for more than a week now.  I remember when we went to Korea few years ago he did not taking much kimchi back then.  But now for health and diet, he has taken a liking for kimchi.  Hope it works for Big J!!


MeRy said...

I don't really like Kimchi.

Caca said...

I love kimchi, but I dont know kimchi is good for weight management.