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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In more than a week.....

My eldest is going to turn 7 years old next Sunday!!!  It just feel like yesterday that I hold her in my arm and bring her home from the hospital.  Where the little smiley baby goes???  Growing up, of course.
Her grandma and aunt will be coming over to Kuching next Saturday to celebrate birthday with her.  They are staying just a night here to celebrate her birthday.  Being the eldest grandchild in the family does have some privilege.  Being the princess, she is pampered and loved by everyone. 
Princess is progressing well in school.  I started to speak more Chinese with her, hope to improve her vocabulary and interest in the subject.  A little resistance from her once a while, but she learns in the end. She also show interest in Chinese drama.  Now she is following me catching on those Hong Kong drama. 
When ask what she wants for her birthday, she said she just want a strawberry vanilla cake.  Hmm, what a humble request. I shall accommodate her birthday wish. But I know what she wants the most?? Is to celebrate with her loved one.  How happy she is to learn that her grandma and aunt will be here to celebrate her birthday next week.


cre8tone said...

Early birthday wish for your girl!~

Caca said...

My daughter is also 7 this year. Happy birthday to your princess.