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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Diapers at night

My boy is still on diapers at night because he is a deep sleeper who having a hard time holding his pees.  We did try to toilet trained him for about 2 months but we gave up eventually.  Because I cannot stand cleaning the bed and tired of scolding Baby Jay for wetting the bed. 
It is hard to drag him from the bed to the toilet and once a while he will throw tantrums in middle of the night.  And not only need to wake him up once but twice.  On one week, he wetted the bed twice every night till my hubby complained of smelly bed.  We gave him and made him wear diapers in the end.
Sometimes he is on diapers when he takes his afternoon naps.  It is much easier to wake him up during the naps because he sleeps only 2 hours and sometimes he is completely dry. 
We could not wait for him to diaper free and able to go to toilet by himself someday.  Maybe with some motivation, he would stay dry. 
How come it is so hard to train a boy than a girl?  I have no problem with my Princess. She just wet the bed a couple of times and eventually she stopped and stay free through out the night.  She has not been using any diapers at night since she was around 2 years old.  Now she can sleep till the next day without any problems. 

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