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Monday, May 20, 2013

UK Fun Fair in MJC

I guess it is the name, not really from any UK troupe, but the name Fun Fair is enough to lure my kids to the fun ground last Saturday night.  They have been talking about it non stop for few weeks and since the school exam was over, we agreed to bring the kids to the fun fair last weekend. 
After a heavy downpour on Saturday evening, the weather was kind on us and rain has stopped around 8pm that evening.  So a nice cooling weather to bring the 2 bored kids to the fun fair.
 RM2.00 per entrance per adult and kid (age above 3) each.  Princess Jan and Baby Jay cannot hold their excitement once they entered the fun ground.  I having hard time catching up on the trio.

First shot of the 2 monkeys before they started to play.  I like that spinning bowl at the background but unfortunately I only can watch from afar.  :(

 See how happy they are??  :)

 Testing her driving skill in bumper car game

This is the one that Baby Jay so look forward to play in but because of his height, he disallowed to play.  And he cried because he could not play in this spinning Octopus and most of the other games.  But at the end, he was enjoying himself and managed to play in few games before we called it a night after almost an hour in the fun fair.
I think the kids were hungry after all the funs that they ate their burgers and corn-in-the-cup that we bought in the fun fair.  *wink*


Small Kucing said...

Son hv been asking to go funfair but kept delay. Lol.

Poor baby jay but hlad in the end he get to play too

Yee Ling said...

My girls also pestering me to bring them to the fun fair park that came to our place, recently.