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Friday, May 24, 2013

The top and school holiday

School holiday has officially started today for 2 weeks.
Finally the kids can relax and mummy and daddy also can breathe a bit.  Sleep late and no morning rush.  And mummy get to sleep longer in the bed.

Baby Jay's kindergarden had Teacher's Day yesterday and he wore casual attire and brought some food and drink to school.  He was jovial because school was over.

Bought some swiss rolls and packet drinks for the Teacher's Day

My princess done well in her class and I am very proud of her that she actually is number one in the class.  I actually learnt from her class teacher when I collected the transfer forms on Wednesday morning.  Met few teachers there and when I told them that we are leaving for Sibu, they were all surprised and commented that Princess did well in class and came top in the exam.  "Very pitiful that she is moving out from school" was their comment.  But only for 2 years,  after that she will be back to the same school, I hope.
As for the transfer forms, never knew I need to fill so many forms and photocopy so many documents.  Need to pass to school headmaster for signature after filling all the forms and collect Princess' report card, and then bring all the forms and photocopied documents to the Education Department for approval.  Then I can send the necessary to my SIL in Sibu for her submission to new school. Phew!   

Should have done this stuff early but we only get confirmation from Big J's office this week so I only able to approach the school for forms.  But everything will be fine.  May only able to get everything ready in mid June because currently headmaster was outstation for meeting and only back when school reopens in June.  So I can only get it done by then. 


Small Kucing said...

sibu???? STP place wor...

Rose said...

Yaloh. Going to be nearer to him soon. Will sure nag him to bring me around for makan makan adventure. hehehe!