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Monday, May 6, 2013

Exam week!!

School exam is starting next week for my Princess, so no more honeymooning time for her.  I have get her to start doing revision on English and Mathematics since both are her strong subjects in school.  I told my Princess that my tip when I were studying for my exams when I were a student is to study your strong subjects first, then slowly go to the difficult one so you can spend more times on those difficult subjects.  And you would not forget those difficult subjects easily too when the exam is getting nearer.  I don't know about you, but those are my tips.  And they worked for me.  *wink*
Today she will start with her Bahasa Malaysia subject revision.  So far I have been guiding her on English and Mathematics and get her to do more tests. And I will guide her with the BM subject since I can read BM.  But the next 3 subjects, Science, Moral and Chinese, would be up to her.  I cannot help her in those 3 subjects.  Luckily this month I send her to Chinese tuition on Saturday so at least she can do some revision during the tuition class.

I am more anxious than my Princess.  She is still so relax and does not bother very much on the revision.  Now she is in primary school, no longer kindergarden.  The exams in kindegarden are very easy and she has no problem in passing them but now the primary school subjects are very difficult. Looking through her textbooks, I feel the Primary One sllyabuses are tougher than those during my school day! 

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Small Kucing said...

Yup...stressful week for the parents