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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Break the baby news

I told both kids on the baby's gender this evening, and both has a mixed reaction. 
When I told both that I am pregnant early this year, both were excited.  Princess wants a sister, while Baby Jay wants a baby brother.  So both want someone to share and play with.  When I told them that they are going to have a baby brother soon, my Princess was not so happy about it at first.  It means that there would not be anyone to share her bedroom because she always wanted someone to sleep together with her.  Even she has slept in her own room now, once a while she still wanted me to accompany her in her room or sneaking onto our bed. 
As for the younger one, Baby Jay does not mind it is a baby brother.  He is still young and probably does not know much.  But I am worry that Baby Jay will be clingy to me when the baby is born.  Just hope he will get used to someone sharing his things and love the baby.  I have no worry on Princess being close to baby because she always love babies.  She likes touching, playing and talking to babies because I have seen her doing that in baby sitter's house. 

Now it is time to look for a name for my baby boy.  Must start with letter "J" too.  Hmm......

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