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Our lovely princess

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Invading our room again

My princess has been moving back to our bedroom and has been staying there for more than a month now.  She does not want to move back to her own space.  So, everyone is cramping in the master bedroom.  But on good note, we can save on the air con.  Just need to switch on one air con instead of 2 in different rooms. 
We does not mind Princess in the room but sooner or later she would need to sleep in her own room.  When asked her why she does not want to sleep in her own room, she told me she is afraid to sleep alone.  I did accompanied her for few nights till she fall asleep but it did not seemed to work because she kept asking me to accompany her every night.  Sometimes I feel she is too dependent on us on certain thing.  Once a while she will ask me to wash her hair. Called it "lazy" she does not like to wash her hair, but I have to lecture her on washing her hair every day.  She has very thick black hair, and being an active child, she will need to wash her hair every day. 
Now that she is in our room, almost every night we will have our reading time before the kids are off to bed.  Baby Jay is also happy to have his sister back to the room so he does not need to move from one room to another room at night.  He is confused as to who he wants to sleep with, so other nights, you will be seeing him bringing his stuff here and there few times before finally settle back to my bed.  *Lol*


Small Kucing said...

Guess its a confusing period for Baby Jay. Doesnt know who to follow :)

lina said...

Getting a child to sleep in her/his own room does take a lot of patience.. and losing sleep too! LOL