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Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby sitter on leave

Little J’s baby sitter is on leave, going somewhere. It is school holiday now, so I believe she is going somewhere with her daughter. So I am stuck with Little J for the next 3 days. *wink* Yeap, I am taking leave to baby sit her myself. Luckily I have my sister-in-law as my companion or I will be really sticking to Little J the whole day. I need to go back to clinic again this morning to consult the doctor and continue with my medical check up. Sometimes I feel like Little J is gluing to my leg, following me around. Hardly have a breathing space. Sigh!

Do you believe that your little one know the day of the week? This morning, Little J said to me “Go to Aunty’s house.” She knows it is Monday today, as yesterday was Sunday and she didn’t go to her baby sitter’s house (unless I work on Sunday).

I was just telling Little J this morning if she is good girl and allow mummy to play computer (meaning online), I promise to play with her later. Now she is nagging behind my back ask me to play with her. Okay, got to leave now and entertain my little princess first. See you guys later.

1 comment:

little prince's mummy said...

little J must b very happy to hv u accompany her for the 3 days... :)