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Monday, August 11, 2008

Paint Attack!

Big J has gone to Santubong on one fine Sunday afternoon. Not for a swim at the beautiful Santubong or Damai beaches, mind you, but to play paintball. Initially I was envy of him for having so much fun and me staying with Little J at home, but after seeing him with all those paints on his shirts and pants, I had second thought. Believe me, it is painful being shot by the pellets.

Few paintball enthusiastic friends gathered together that day and divided into 2 groups. With paintball gun and loaded with colour pellets in their arms, they ran into the juggle and headed to the battlefield. Big J was complaining regardless of the fun, it was challenging and dangerous to crawl and walk into the jungle as some paths were rather slippery. Big J tripped on one occasion resulted on him having bruises all over his body.

After many rounds of pellets flying all over the places, the emerging champion was Big J’s team. His team won but Big J got his share of paints as he was attacked by 2 enemies at the final tie. His first time playing paintball, but Big J said he would love to play another game next time. It is not just an attack and defense game, according to him, but about team work and survival in the jungle. When he reached home that evening, he was too tired that he did not have energy to take bath and almost crawl to bed. Let’s say he is lethargic till he just wants to do or eat nothing. That night, he slept like a baby till the next morning without a stir.

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