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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our girl is growing up

Once a while we just love to look back at our family album, particularly Little J when she was a baby. The memories that come with all those photographs. The other day, while we were sorting out the old photographs of her, Big J was commenting to me that Little J is growing up very fast and hard to believe that she is already 2 years old plus. He feels guilty on not spending much time with her and sad as she is not close to him. Sigh!
But I admit Little J is growing up and she has her own personality. A hard-headed girl (like her mummy), cheeky (like her daddy) and adorable (she has a bit of our facial when we were babies, according to our parents). Luckily both parents (my parents and PIL) took a lot of baby photographs, so we have chance to compare ours with Little J's pictures. Sometimes she looks like Big J but other days, she looks so much like me.

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Billy's Mom said...

They definitely is growing up fast. My little Billy is turning 2 1/2 yo on Thurs. :-)) I missed him being a baby...hihi.