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Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Saturday

Here I am on a Saturday afternoon. Hardly 30 minutes of my beauty sleep, I was rudely awaken by Big J when he just back from his office. Yeah, he is working 5 days a week, but still very committed and go back to his office on Saturdays.

It is also a working Saturday for me, and I just go myself a hair cut. Yes! Totally trimming off my long locks, my head feels very light. Just a bit not get used to it for the time being.

Since I cant sleep (you know I am a light sleeper), I thought I go blog hopping and visit some of my friend’s blogs. Missing you all.

It rains pretty heavy now. We did not have rain for almost a week here so it feels heaven to have such rain on a Saturday afternoon. It has been like oven when we stepped out of our air-conditioned bedroom. The temperature is soaring here. Hopefully the rain will cool down the temperature a bit.

We are going to have a relaxing Saturday evening later. Planning to bring MIL for a shopping and dinner later. She is going back tomorrow morning, so we are trying to spend as much time with her. Last night, me and Little J follow her and my sis-in-law visiting around. We stopped at an aunty’s house, checking on her as she just undergo an operation. Glad that she is alright. Then, we make a stop at a cousin’s apartment, wanting to see her 1 year old plus daughter. Boy! Kids really grow up fast. The cousin’s daughter can walk and she is even more cheeky than my Little J. But both made up an adorable pair. Unfortunately I didn’t bring any camera to take shot of both girls. Next time!!!

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