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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holiday is what we need

Yes! Yes! Weekend is around the corner and I can’t wait for it to arrive soon. Why? Because Big J told me last night that we are going to Sematan for a night stay. Swimming, sun-bathing and having fun with Big J and Little J on the sandy beach is what I am looking forward to!

Amid all the excitement, I hope I will remember to take some shots of the beautiful beach once we are there. *wink* 1st Sept is a holiday. So, what you would be doing over the long holiday?


karenyiau said...

Yay! it's long weekend.... but i gotta be away on biz trip and won't see my kids for 5 days...arghh..... can't imagine it.

Anyway, wnjoy your holiday. :)

Rose said...

Thanks! You have a nice bix trip too!