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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Depressed women turns to their girlfriends

When you feel like having a shoulder to cry on, would you turn to your boyfriends or girlfriends? Studies reveal that depressed women that go to boyfriends for comfort will end up even more depressed. Why? Generally men will shunned from comforting their girlfriends as they do not really know how to deal with such situation and give advices to their depressed girlfriends.

Depression is common among women than men. It is generally defined as two or more weeks of symptoms that can include feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, insomnia or oversleeping and eating disorder.

Young women struggling with depression often seek emotional support from their boyfriend. However they are not doing themselves any favours. Boyfriends tend to detach themselves from depressed girlfriends while female friends move in closer to provide a shoulder to cry on. The more depressed a girl becomes, the less supportive her boyfriend is and the more supportive her girlfriend is.

Girlfriends will not hesitate to knock at your doors and comfort you when you are in distress. The research also shown that levels of support went up among close female friends and dropped among boyfriends during times of depression. The support from girlfriends is soothing as they are more comfortable about being empathetic and listening, Many girlfriends like being caretakers and caregivers. With boys when a fiend of theirs is down, they may retreat more from the relationship

So, turn to your girlfriends if you want to feel better. Girlfriends are for keeping.

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