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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little J's going to be a 2 years and 4 months toddler

Little J is everyone’s princess at home. She can be cheeky and mischievous, but sometimes she can be shy like any other young girls when you compliment her. Other day, she will behave when you ask her to do so.

She has not gone to pre-school but we are enrolling her next year. Meaning we have to search and survey pre-schools around the city pretty soon. She may not be going to school yet, but luckily for us her baby sitter is great in teaching her. She is the only care, so Little J has the full attention of her time. Baby sitter teaching her to read and sing.

Some little update of Little J:

Speech – mixed of Chinese and English. When you ask her something in Chinese, she replies you in English and vice versa. Her famous English sentence is “what’s this (thing) doing here?”. There were times when she acted like adult, looking at me saying “what’s this doing here?” on pieces of loose papers on the computer table. Then she exclaimed “Oh my god!” and walk away. OMG! Does that mean the table is messy and mummy needs to clean up??

Recite ABC and 123 – she knows all the alphabets, capital and small letters. She still need some work out on her numbers, although she can remember some of them. Sometimes she can mistake number “5” for letter “S” and “6” for “G”. Cant blame her, as they look similar, right?

Singing – Little J has master the “2 tigers” (Chinese children song). But still cannot enter the children singing contest lah! *wink* Other songs that she loves and still learning to sing is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (only can sing the first 2 verses), “London Bridge is falling down” (she only sing the “falling down” part, then shout “My fat lady” instead of “My fair lady”) and ABC song (jumble up here and there along the way…).

Food – she is still not that adventurous when come to food. She likes fishes (like her mummy). I found out while taking care of her for the past few days that she like to take deep-fried fishes. We have to really deep-fried the fish (we used mackerel pieces) for her. And not only that! We need to peel off the side of fishes that crunchy especially the stomach part for her. If any white flesh, she will peel out the flesh herself!! A very choosy young eater. To trick her to eat her rice, we will put the crunchy fish piece on a spoonful of rice so she can see it. Then she will willing eat it and finish the bowl of rice. *faint*

Animal lover – She loves cats. But not so much for dogs. My mum has a cat at home and instead of greeting her grandpa and grandma first, she will look for the cat and call out “hi meow meow!” She not even scared of the cat, but the cat is scared of her because there was once when Little J step on her.

Bicycle – Little J still cant cycle her bicycle. Only know to step on the pedal and use her feet to move around.

Moody self – When ever she woke up from her sleep, she would be very moody. Sometimes crying for no particular reason, just want me to hug and carry her around.

Dry up – at last!! No more wetting. Little J is diaper-free most of the day. She only used diaper when we go out to somewhere far or takes longer hours and when go to bed. We are slowly putting her off diaper soon at night.

Colours – Her favourite colours would be the red, yellow and green. She is my traffic light instructor, telling me when to go and stop. Other colour she can associate is blue, black, pink and orange but not white!! Hmm, maybe white is too boring?

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