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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When is right time for sex?

In any relationship, sex is one of the important ingredients in ensuring success of the relationship. To avoid much headache and heartache, one must take the right steps in knowing when it is the right time to have sex

Talk about sex with your partner. Find out what he or she thinks and honestly state your position. If it is uncomfortable, then sex will be too

Think how much you know your partner. Sex is nothing but trust and intimacy, so make sure you have that with each other beforehand.

Ask yourself how passionate you are about your partner.

Date for a while. Be comfortable with each other before going further

Little things like hugs and kisses are good indicators that sex is an appropriate set.

Always think of safe sex. Take the necessary precautions so sex can be enjoyable, both during and afterwards

Relax. Do not anticipate much, just have fun

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