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Monday, December 15, 2008

He is at it again

Big J used to control his drinking habit but now he is back to drinking after many years of trying. I guess old habits never change. Since started his new job in June this year, he spends most of the nights with his colleagues. And when men usually go after office hours?? Pub or café drinking and chatting!

It worries me a lot as he is gaining much weight now. The body is expanding sideway and the tummy! Oh dear! Look like he is 5 months pregnant. It is a concern on his health as he is way passed the healthy level, according to doctor. If Big J doesn’t do anything about his habit and weight, he may have some health problem soon.

To encourage him to lose some weight, I usually persuade him to go for tennis games, now that we are crazy about tennis again. And for his Christmas present, I bought him a new tennis racket since the current one is broken. If we not up to tennis game, we may opt for a swim in the evening. As you know that both activities depend much on the weather, we hardly been able to do much as it almost rain every day.

And guess what! Big J is into line dancing now these days! He has been taking up lesson for many weeks, he told me recently. Want to give me a surprise he said. Lol! A colleague teaches him and others to dance poco-poco in the office after office hour. He is so crazy about dancing that he burn the songs and even want to teach me to dance. Dancing is never my field but it is kind of fun dancing around the house with the Indonesian poco-poco song at the background. Lol!

If you ask me to choose, I would rather having him dancing in office and come back late than drinking the night away.


JenJen's Place said...

waaa!! DANCING! pocox2! WAHH!!!! This I must see. You think if I make a special request, he will dance during my wedding dinner??????

Rose said...

Er! you ask him loh! But 100% he wouldnt, unless got gang to accompany him! not solo performance lah! hehehe! Maybe u get the uncles and aunties to dance with him

slavemom said...

Dancing is a good exercise. And u can both do it in the comfort of ur home. Dun need to depend on the weather. Keep it up!