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Friday, December 12, 2008

Little update from us

Oh dear! I have not been updating The Lings blog much recently. Some updates on the family but I am not going to run through in details.

Basically Big J and myself are busy with work and targets. Most of the weekdays we reached home after 7pm. Sometimes I am lazy to drive car to work, so will hitch his car. If he is having meeting in the evening, then I will have no choice but to wait for him to finish meeting to pick me up. There was once, when I have to wait for him till 730pm.

Little J is growing tall I have to say. Weight wise, she is around 13kg. She still not that adventurous when come to food. Hopefully everything will change once she starts schooling next year. Talking about schooling, both myself and Big J are excited for her. Every day, we would tell her about going to school. Now I even trained her to bring her bag with pencil, books and cds in it to be brought to baby sitter’s house. Now she knows she need to buckle up when in the car, but once a while, she is very naughty and does not want to be buckled to her seat. She is diaper free and know when she needs to go to loo. Save a lot on diaper, really!!

I am glad that she enjoys reading. If she bored with books when in the car, I will ask her to sing, Beside my radio, I have Little J to entertain me on the road. *wink* Basically that is much for the time being. We are enjoying the festive season with Christmas around the corner. Little J loves to sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and "Jingle Bell" and wish everyone "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".

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Daddy said...

Hi Rose. Busy busy mommy and daddy. Year-end closing ar?