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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Her own tree

There is a tree she can proud to call her own! :) Little J loves Christmas trees. Everywhere she goes if she sees one, she will go over to the tree and admire it. I guess those decorative items on the tree attract her. So last night, we went to get a tree for her (sponsored by her grandma).

When we reached home around 10pm last night, she is still not sleepy and insisted on set up the tree. Mummy and aunty helping her out in putting the Christmas balls, and fairy light. We did not get the star to be put on the top as not much choice at the shop. So the star will be later. For time being, the tree is lighted in the corner of the living room. This morning when Little J woke up, she remember her tree and run straight down to the living room. Lol!

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