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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stay up late

Watching her cartoons till 10pm almost every night now. I think Little J is turning into a couch potato. She can stick to television if her favourite cartoons are showing!

Now that she sleeps late, she doesn’t wake up in middle of night anymore, asking for her feeding. She will sleeps all the way till morning, usually wakes up around 630am. I wonder she will do the same when she starts schooling next year. But probably everything will be normal for her as she is going for half day session, so not so stressful for her. She still can take her afternoon nap at babysitter’s house.

1 comment:

slavemom said...

My kids are tv addicts. They watch from morning till night. :(
Hope Lil J enjoys going to sch next yr. I'm sure she'll hv fun. Many new frens to play with, new things to learn.
Merry X'mas & Happy New Year to u n ur family!