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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tails for her please

She may has a funny tastebud, but either way, my Little J just love fishes. Like her mummy. But unlike her mummy, she only like fried fishes. Those small fishes where you deep fried them to gold. And she only like to take the crispy part like the fish tails or stomach, where when you fry, they are so crispy.

When ever I called my mum telling her that we go back for dinner on Saturdays, my mum will prepare Little J’s favourite fishes. Just for her!! I don’t know the name of the fish, but it is the small local fishes, where you usually fry them. You can eat the whole fishes even the bones as the bones are soft. Sometimes Little J takes mackerel too, but the crispy part only!!

So when ever I am at my mum’s place, I will need to sort out the fishes for the crispy part like the tails. It is kind of funny as I will pick up the tails and leave the remaining parts on the plate. And when there is fish, she can finish a bowl of rice without nagging from her mummy!!

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