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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Going into full time

Little J is at it again. When the car stopped in front of the car pouch of her school, she will start crying and holding tightly to my shirt. Hmm, it does not mean she doesn’t want to go to school. She is eager to go to school. Every morning she will help me pack her school bag and snack box. She even singing and chatting happily in the car, but the minute we reached the junction turning to the school, she will into her crying act. Wonder when this little drama will stop??

I am into my first week of semi-retirement (resigned from my job last month), so far it has been a good week. Yesterday, I had breakfast with hubby and then went to do my errand, i.e. paying bills, banks etc. In the afternoon, I was cleaning up the bedroom. Phew! It was damn hot with such weather.

Starting new month, I would be full time looking after Little J, no longer sending her to baby sitter. Cost cutting since hubby is the sole breeder now. So a lots of things need to save for time being, but thanks to PIL, they are supporting us financially till the new baby is delivered. I am lucky to have such understanding PIL. *wink*

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