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Monday, March 16, 2009

Party hat

I was clearing Little J’s school bag since it is starting of her mid term school holiday. She is so much looking forward to going to school now, that I have to tell her every morning that school is closed for holiday and she will spent times with her “cheh cheh” in baby sitter’s house.

One of the crafts they done in school. A party hat. And guess what! I was surprised to see that she has two hats in her bag and upon checking, one hat belong to her classmate. Hmm, wonder why it ended up in her bag? Must be the other gal didn’t take hers and teacher gave it to Little J. The hats too small, cannot be put on hat.

All her crafts and arts are been kept properly in a box, so when she grows up, she will able to see her childhood crafts and arts. What a fond memory, I think!!


Jess said...

It is good to keep all her craft work as memory in future. Keep up the good work.


little prince's mummy said...

Good job!~