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Monday, March 23, 2009

Stranger to Chinese language

My SIL brought Little J to church yesterday morning. They gone to the children Sunday’s school as my SIL wanted her to expose to the session there. Big J and myself couldn’t get out of the bed as the night before we stayed pretty late catching up a Cantonese drama series. Lol!

After registering Little J, she brought her into the class. At first Little J was excited seeing other children and playing with them, but after a while, she chickened out! Why? They all talked and sang in Chinese! She cried and wanted to go home, according to SIL. Little J seldom speak Chinese at home and baby sitter’s house, so she must be feeling alien in a group of people that talked Chinese. Poor her. But after a while, she calmed down and listened to the songs and both of them managed to finish the whole session! *wink*


slavemom said...

It's a good way to expose her to the Chinese language. U'd be surprised how fast they absorb a new language at this age.
Btw, not sure if I've congratulated u on ur pregnancy. Congrats! ;) When is ur EDD?

Rose said...

Thanks Slavemom. It would be 3 Sept.

yeah, hope it is exposing her to Chinese. We may have to speak more Mandarin to her from now onward. At home i speak English with her, her dad and aunt speak hokkien and grandparents speak Mandarin. So actually it is not a concern for her, she understand some, just that she doesnt speak it. Probably she is frustrated as she cannot communicate with others! :p

Jess said...

Don't worry, kids can mix around with their new friend easily.

From Jess