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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Father and daughter relationship

After finished my phone conversation with Big J last night, Little J ask me in her exact sentence: “What do you say?” Lol! She wanted me to tell her what I have spoken to her daddy.

So I told her that daddy has reached KL last night, on the way to hotel and he needed to iron his shirt for tomorrow. After listening to me, she immediately went to sleep. Hmm, I guess in one way, she is missing her dad. Although she seldom show her loves to her dad, guess when he is not around, she does miss him. And when Big J called up around 1am this morning (after he finished his ironing, according to him), I told him about my conversation with Little J. And of course, Big J was delighted to know that his little girl is missing him.

Those two. When they are together, they always have fight and arguing, but when not together, they are missing each other companionship. The only time they have great fun would be in the swimming pool or when Big J playing his guitar and Little J dancing and singing to her own tune. Sigh!

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