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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miss Menace turning Miss Well-behave!!

In one month time, Little J would be a 3 years old toddler. Wow! She is growing fast and I feel that I am older. Lol! We haven’t thought what to buy for her or where to bring her for her birthday dinner, but there would be something nearer to the date.

Now that she is older and gone to school, she is much well behaved when she needs to. Most of the time, it is. When eating out, she can quietly sit in her chair without running around. Now she starting to eat more solid food and not that choosy anymore. She is more polite and uses words like "excuse me, sorry, thank you" in appropriate way. But once a while, my little monkey will let her hair loose and gives you some surprises when you least expect her.

Little J loves to “kay poh” (busybody) and can be very nagging. She will ask what you are doing when she knows what you are really doing. She also loves house chore especially folding clothing. She is learning to fold her own clothing and sometimes she can impress me by neatly folding her towels. Guess towels are easier to fold than shirts and pants for young kids as towels are rectangular shape.

Last time I used to be the one that wake up Big J every morning, but it is Little J’s chore. She will slap her dad lightly on his arm to wake him up. If it does not work, then she will shout “Wake up, daddy” or jumping onto him to get him up. Lol! So sometimes there will be a morning commotion between those two. I don’t bother about those two, as long as Big J in time for work and Little J in time for her school. *wink*

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Sasha said...

yr lil J is so nice. My Big J also just turned 3 but he is turning into terrifying 3 making me *pull hair* everyday