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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She knows how to compliment and complain

My Little J knows how to compliment and complain about people. Check out the following scene:

Scene 1:

When mummy wearing new dress picking her up from her baby sitter’s house:

Little J: Wow! Mummy, you are beautiful!
Mummy: Thank you.
Little J: Mummy is “mei mei”

Scene 2:

Her grandfather hugging her:

Little J: Hmm! Kung Kung is smelly! Yuk! *holding her nose*
Mummy: (want to faint) Hahaha!

Scene 3:

After daddy came back from work:

Big J: Hi Little J! Come! Give daddy a hug and kiss.
Little J: Don’t want! Daddy is smelly.
Big J: No! Daddy in office whole day, where got smell?
Mummy: How about the cigarette smell??

Scene 4:

At grandparents’ house:

Mummy: Little J, is mummy beautiful?
Little J: Yes. Mummy is beautiful (come and kiss my cheek)
Mummy: How about po po (grandma)?
Little J: No, po po no “mei mei” (beautiful)

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