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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A brother for Little J?

Our weekly cleaning lady commented that I would be getting a boy this time round. Huh? How can she tell? From my face. She commenting that I have a “rough” complexion this time, unlike my first pregnancy when I had Little J. So, “rough” complexion meaning I am getting a boy??

I don’t want to hope too much on that, but if it is a boy, I would be happy to have a pair of boy and girl. *wink* And Little J has been influencing my thoughts too lately by saying she is looking forward to a baby brother. She keeps telling everyone that mummy has baby in her stomach, and when asked on the baby, she wants a brother. Lol!


slavemom said...

Congrats on ur pregnancy! Yes, some ppl say u'll look sluggish when carrying a boy and look radiant when carrying a girl. It was true in my case. :) Hope it's true for u too.

Jess said...


Take care and hope you will have a smooth and relax pregnancy journey!