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Monday, July 27, 2009

Shopping and new shoes

We went shopping for baby yesterday afternoon at The Parkson since hubby has its vouchers. Better used them up before they are expired. As usual Little J was excited to follow us shopping. As long as she can get out of the house, everything is fine with her. Actually she has gone shopping in the morning at The Boulevard with her aunt. Just couldn’t believe where she got all those strength to walk and shop some more in the afternoon, and omitting her afternoon nap. Sigh! Kids!

Before we go to The Parkson, we stopped by my parents’ house to pass some fishes to them as my father-in-law just arrived from Kapit with the fishes. And when her grandparents asked where Little J is heading to, she replied them that she is going to shop for baby’s things. Lol!

Anyway, we managed to get some stuff for the new baby, but still some more items in the list that we could not find at The Parkson. Probably we will go to Mummycare this weekend to get the remaining stuff.

There are sales in The Parkson, especially the apparels and footwear. Little J did not walk home empty-handed, as we bought a new shoe for her. A new shoe for her to wear to her pre-school. She wore it this morning, but still commenting that she doesn’t like the new shoes; she still prefer the old one. Sigh! I guess because she did not choose the shoes herself, so she keeps complaining that she doesn’t like the shoes.

I dread bringing her to buy new shoe because whenever we are at the footwear department, Little J will start to take one shoe or sandal and try it on one by one. Like yesterday, she tried almost all those sandals with heels in The Parkson. Luckily they were too big for her so we did not buy any sandals for her.

Believe it or not, she only will shop for shoes in shopping complexes. There were once we buy a new sandals for her at Kenyalang market. She did not even bother to look at their shoes, not to mention trying them on!! Sigh! After we leaving the premises, then she kept persuading her dad to bring her to The Spring to buy new shoes! Oh boy! What a spoil brat! Choosing where to get her shoes only!!


michelle said...

Wow so little, already know how to shop for shoes.

Zarebski said...
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