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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our princess is 3 years old 3 months

She is growing very fast. Sometimes we feel that she is growing too fast for us to enjoy being with her. She is a little adult, with her own temperament. When ever she is naughty, me and Big J would blame each other genes for her character. “She is very stubborn like you”, “She is growing up to be like you, hot temper and impatient”. Lol!!

Some achievements that we are proud of:


She knows how to spell her name without looking at the name tag or asking for assistance. She can write her name too.


She is still mastering on her writing skill. Only prefer to write few alphabets and letters.


Her colouring has improved. Not that messy and is more adventurous with colours, unlike previously she only prefer one colour for a whole sketch.


She loves to draw apple and balloons. Also adore doodling on papers.


I let her feed herself more frequent now. She is drinking her favourite fruit juices and Ribena using plastic cup.

She speaks mostly English, but her command of Chinese is improving as well. Thanks to enrolling her in Sunday school. Now she is confident in converse in Chinese.

Days and months
She can remember and say out all the 7 days of week in order. Just start to introduce the 12 months to her. She only knows that her birthday fall in the month of April, Christmas in December. Lol!

She can memorise her grandma's handphone number. Using handphone, she can dial and call to her grandma in Kapit!

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JenJen's Place said...

wah!! Clever lil gal!!