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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Morning song

It always amazes me to know that kids have very good memory. Since starts schooling, my Little J has learn a lot of songs and words. Not only that she can sing a lot of songs, but she can memorizes all the sentences and words from her books. Now she has started to recognize some word and can spell it out without looking at her books, like “like”, “me”, “play” etc.

Every morning when she wakes up, she will sing her “morning song” (I called it “morning song” because of its lyric) and she does according to the song. The song goes like this:

Bangun Pagi,
Gosok Gigi,
Cuci Muka,
Pakai Baju.

Makan Roti,
Minum Susu,
Saya Pergi Sekolah.

In between the lyric, I will ask her “what is bangun pagi”, and she will reply me “Wake up”. And how about gosok gigi? Brush teeth, she replied. and when come to change to her school uniform, she will say to me "It is pakai baju". I explained the meaning to her once or twice, and she remembers the meaning of the song well. *smile*

1 comment:

slavemom said...

My girl oso learnt this song when she 1st started kindy. She came back n taught our maid to sing with her. hehehe