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Saturday, July 18, 2009


After many days of bragging about being a princess, Little J has finally bored of playing one. Her newly brought tiara was kept away, and now she has new interest in hand.

Being a superhero. Just last night, she came to me and suddenly out of nothing, she told me she wanted to be a superhero. Huh? Superhero? Now, where did she learn such word? When asked her what type of superhero would she wants to be, she told me a flying superhero and start to take out her blanket to turn it into a sash! *Faint* I am speechless for a while, but after regain myself, I told her the blanket would be too big and heavy to turn into a sash.

Well, after a good night sleep, she forgot all about the superhero thinggy. My SIL told me probably she learnt it from cartoon "Pocoyo". She saw one series where Pocoyo was pretending to be a superhero wearing blue sash over his shoulder. Oh well! It is time to screen over some selection of cartoons for Little J!

1 comment:

JenJen's Place said...

I remember me and my bro tied towel as sash! HAHA!

Guess the most important thing is Lil J knows that its make belief and not real esp the flying part!!!!