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Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is the mother here?

Sometimes my 3 years old girl can act like a mother than me. She will order or nag me and Big J to do this and that. She is getting to be more busybody, smarter and cheeky nowadays. Which means we are arguing more every day! Lol!

For example:

Scene 1
Little J: Daddy, you are smelly!
Big J: I just back from the office dear.
Little J: Go and take bath!
Big J: Late, honey pie.
Little J: No! Go and take bath now!!

Scene 2
Me: That is how you fold your clothing, Little J.
Little J: No, no, no. It is like this, mother.
Me: *Faint* (better do it myself, she is just messing around!)

Scene 3

In the car,
Little J: Mummy, why you use this way to go home?
Me: Short cut. Faster.
Little J: Short cut?
Me: Yes
Little J: But mummy, you should use that way to go home.

But once a while, this little adult is still a kid at heart and needs attention, assurance and loves. Like last night, she made her mummy and daddy angry. Mummy and daddy stormed up to the bedroom, leaving her with her aunty in the living room, watching television. She suddenly came to her aunt and ask her aunt "Do you love me, gu gu?" *My heart goes for her* She can be a nuisance sometimes, but we still love her.

Today when picked her from school, in the car she told me she was crying in her class. When asked what is the problem, one of her classmate (a girl) hit her. She is a lion at home, but in school, she is a timid mouse. But kids are kids. They grow up through all those hardship and stages, right?

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Daddy said...

Children will be children and that is what makes them so adorable.