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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby talk

Some conversation with my Little J in regards to the new baby, a way to prepare her for the arrival of her sibling:

Conversation 1:

Me: Little J, can you share your baby bear with baby?
(baby bear is her toy bear)
Little J: No! It is my bear.
Me: Then, which bear you can give to baby?
Little J: I don’t want.
Me: You have so many bear. How about daddy’s bear and grandpa’s bear?
(Daddy’s bear is bought by her dad and Grandpa’s bear is bought by her grandpa)
Little J: Grandpa’s bear for baby.

Conversation 2:

Gu gu : Next time, can baby sleep with gu gu?
Little J : No!
Gu gu: Can baby sleep with mummy?
Little J: No! Little J sleeps with mummy.
Gu gu: Can baby sleep with uncle?
Little J: Okay! But aunty (uncle’s girlfriend) has to sleep outside!

Conversation 3:

Me : Little J, next time baby will be going to nanny together with you, okay?
Little J: I don’t want baby to go to nanny’s house.
Me: Why? You don’t want nanny to love baby like nanny love Little J?
Little J: I don’t want.
Me: Then, mummy love baby, can?
Little J: No! Mummy love Little J.

Oh dear, I can sense that Little J will be jealous of the new baby. She gets protective of her toys and people surrounding her.

1 comment:

michelle said...

Maybe you can prepare her by saying baby would like to share baby toys with her. Baby would like you as a che che. Baby would want to play with you...etc.