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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ultra Man ride

My Little J has her first kiddy ride yesterday evening in The Boulevard Shopping Mall. Actually she sat on few before but never once, has she sat still on a moving kiddy ride, because each time she will freaked out. But last night was her first real ride. And it was funny how she ended up conquering her fear.....

Me and Little J went shopping with my side of family, just to cool ourselves under the cooling atmosphere of the shopping mall. It has been extremely hot lately, so a walk in a cooling mall is what we longed for. So it happened we bumped into some kiddy ride machines in front of the Boulevard Departmental Store. Usually Little J would not bother to sit or even go near to one, but wonder what was her mood last night, she just jumped into one of them. Ultra Man!! I have to admit it was my 1st time seeing an Ultra Man kiddy machine. Lol!

So while I was looking at the other machine and commenting on RM1 per ride, suddenly we were surprised to see that the Ultra Man machine has started to sway and sing! Little J also has a jump but she managed to sit still. She did not know what to do, whether to jump out or sit down. After few second, everyone started to laugh, including Little J. I guess she thought everyone is laughing at her and she was excited to be the centre of attention; she actually enjoyed the ride and attention.

How the machine work when none of us put in the coin?? Our guess? It must be while she was jumping in the seat, the machine suddenly moved. Someone must have tried out the machine before and coin stuck in the machine, thinking it did not work. So it happened that when Little J sat in there last night, the coin must have gone in and machine is working. As for Little J, she sat in there till end of the ride. I guess after this experience, she would no longer fear of those kiddy ride machine anymore. :)

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