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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another child?

Yesterday Big J suddenly asked me about adopted a niece as our god-daughter. I was surprised because #1 I never thought the mummy will ask in first place and #2 the niece is very naughty and has a bad influence on Princess.

But Big J told me that the cousin (niece's mummy) hinted to him when she asked the girl to call Big J "daddy". Don't know it is a slip of tongue or what, but I have a feeling that she may just trying to make the child having a sense of belonging when around us. The cousin is actually a single mother, so I understand her predicament of bringing up a child. Now the child is 5 years old, she has her own mindset and attitude. Which I do not like much. Very hot tempered, selfish and rude. Just hope she will grow out of it soon but can see the mummy is having tough time taming her down. I always thought I bring up 2 naughty kids but when I saw other kids, I know my kids are not so naughty after all. Everyone that I knew said my Princess is very well behaved. So a pat on the shoulder for me for a job well done and a clap for Princess for being a disciplined girl.

And since Big J wants 3 children, I sarcastically told him if the niece is been accepted as a god child then it would be perfect 3 and I would not want to have another biological child anymore. Age is catching up and I have no energy to have another one. And Big J went.......WHAT??? Lol! Few friends are having Dragon babies this year and Big J has been hinting to me for Baby No 3. And since both of us are born in the Year of Snake, he wants to have a little Snake baby next year. Oh no!!


lvynana said...

wow..he really likes kids huh..

Lian said...

The more the merrier :) 3 is a nice number. And like you said, don't wait too long coz' age is catching up. Hopefully, your kids good behavior will have a positive influence on your "god child".