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Friday, February 17, 2012

Spelling Bee

For the past few days I have been training Princess to spell numbers from 1 to 10. Just discovered she did not know how to spell some of the numbers. Oh dear!! that to show I have been busy and neglected her education. Or I thought her kindergarten to teach the kids and by now she should now how to spell. At least one to ten???? But anyway, I am teaching her myself and glad she learnt fast. Only 1 number that she still unsure, i.e. eight.

And at the same time, I used rhyme in her spelling so it would be more fun and educational. Like "three" and "tree", "oven" and "seven". I need to remind myself to pay more time and attention on her. And I also bought some Primary 1 workbook for her in preparation for her primary school education next year. Lol! *kiasumum*

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