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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Night chats

Last night......

Princess: Mummy, what are you doing with my uniform, and those colourful threads?
Me: I need to repair your buttons. 2 missing buttons. So I cut 2 buttons off your old uniform and mend them here.
Princess: Oh, I thought you want mama (baby sitter) to do it???
Me: Never mind, since it is still early. I do it myself.
Princess: Mummy, you know how to do it?
Me : I can.

And I sew the 2 buttons on her uniform. After I done with her uniform, I proceed with Big J's button. Then Big J came into the room)

Big J: Wow! You sew my button?? Thanks (Smile)
Me: Need to practise my sewing skill. hahah! Long time didn't sew.
Princess: Look daddy! Mummy sew my buttons and now doing yours.

One night while in the bed....

Princess: Mummy, how it is to have baby?
Me: It is painful, dear.
Princess: Oh, really painful?
Me: Yes. Why?
Princess: I don't want to have baby. I will be cut and painful.
Me: You are still young. Don't think too much of having baby yet.
Princess: But one day I will get married and have baby.
Me: You just 6 years old lah.
Princess: Mummy, why I don't have boyfriend leh?
Me: You are still small. You need to study hard and go to university. Then you can think about having boyfriend, get married and have baby, okay?
Princess: Hmm.
Me: ????? (want to faint)

Another night............

The other night me and Big J were discussing about vacation. My sister came back from her recent company trip to Sentosa, Singapore. She told me all those nice ride and food she tried in Sentosa. After listening to her, I wanted to go especially the Universal Studio and try its Transformer ride.

Anyway, Princess overheard our conversation. So I have to explain to her what is Sentosa and what is theme park. Then I told her that if budget allows, we may go to Sunway Lagoon instead. She grew excited when I mentioned to her the rides and water park. However I told her that she must eat more, especially meat and vegetable so she can grow taller otherwise she would not be allowed to enter some of the rides. Lol! And her eyes grew bigger. Eat more meat and vegetable??? Or mummy and daddy will go without her and di-di and have our honeymoon on our 8th anniversary year. *wink*

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