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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ready for school?

He has been trained to carry bag at his back for a week. Glad that he is get used to it now. Just a little preparation for him to go to school. If everything goes well, maybe middle this year, otherwise it would be next year in Kindergarden.

No! He is not an Enfagrow Baby. Just someone gave him the bag as a gift. I put his water bottle, favourite toys and disposable diaper in the bag.

He is still in his pyjamas. Almost everyday he would dress up like that to babysitter's house. Because he wakes up late and I don't want Princess to be late for her school.


Iriene said...

He is cute... ada gaya :)

アンゼエリン said...

Hahaha...time rushing? no time to change clothes eh?

lvynana said...

GO to school? so soon. But my youngest boy also keep on saying he wants to go to school with his brother.