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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hair cut

When me and my siblings were kids, my mum always cut our hair. The boy will have short hair (as short as she can managed) and the girls will have a bang in front and square hair cut at the back. We especially my younger sister has to endure the "torture" and sometimes my mum accidentally injure her ears. Lol! But those were the days.

My kids are very lucky, not to suffer what I did otherwise I think my girl will cry and don't want to go to school if I am to cut her hair. She is very "kiasu" and "ai bin" (want face) type of girl. I seldom bring my kids to salon. Mostly is the baby sitter who bring them for hair cut. Princess will be quiet when has her hair cut while Baby Jay, have to see his mood. If good mood, the job wil be easier and faster, but if not, then it needs all those bribing to be done.

And if I bring my girl to have her hair cut, she would only choose one salon, which is near to my shop. And most of the times, the owner did not charge us. Lol!

1 comment:

lina said...

Getting a haircut for the little ones is sure not easy.

My hubby cut our Son's hair himself until he started Standard 1. ;)