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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eat little

Noticed that my younger child, Baby Jay did not have good appetite lately. Reason #1 drink too much soft drink. He loves to drink 100 Plus. When we go out for our meal, he will automatically asked for "Plus". Sigh! Reason #2 He has stomach worms.

So, I bought him and Princess worm medicine, because doctor said that it is contactable among kids, so Princess also have to take it too. Hopefully it was the culprit and his appetite will be better again. He is never a picky eater, but lately he ate very little; few spoonful. Sometimes I have to force him to eat when he was busy playing or distracted by other stuff. And everytime we go out, I told Big J not to order soft drink or cold drink, so he will not drink much. It is not good to have kids as young as him to drink too much gassy drink.

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Alice Law said...

Hello Rose, thx for stopping by! You hv a cute lil boy! Yeah, my anaks also eat little, time 4 deworm, lol!

Keep well and have a nice day!