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Monday, February 27, 2012

Everyone into social media

A son of a friend just graduated from Social Media Management last year and now he is working with an event management company in KL. He joined the company about a month now. Once a while he will call up my friend telling her that he has so many assignments and projects to handle. But he is happy.

Social media management has always been his interest since he was a boy. With current stiff competitions in the market and demanding customers, social media is becoming a very important tool in reaching the right customers with minimal cost. Some more, almost everyone has a Facebook or any type of social network account. Good thing is that social media can link with Facebook. So, what other better tools to market your products?? So, when my kids grow up, I will get them to study social media management. Maybe with this knowledge, my kids can help their daddy with his property management some day!

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