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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nightly conversation with my girl

Before Little J went to bed, I was having a one to one conversation with her. She has been extremely naughty and rebellious for the past two days. With Big J at home, she is even naughtier. Probably she is asking for attention or she just meant to make her dad angry with her naughtiness.

I was telling her that daddy is actually loving her although he scold and angry with her. I was trying to tell her that her dad is not scolding her for no reason. Following is our conversation:

Me: You must love daddy, Little J.
Little J: No. I don’t want to love daddy.
Me: Daddy loves you. You are very naughty that is why daddy angry and scold you.
Little J: I don’t love daddy. I want to love mummy.
Me: Without daddy, you wouldn’t be here. Mummy and daddy love you okay?
Little J: I want to grow big like mummy. Do you want to grow big, mummy?
Me: Mummy cannot grow big but I can grow old. When mummy old, you take care of me, okay?
Little J: Okay, I take care of mummy.
Me: Good girl. You take care of daddy too, okay?
Little J: No. I take care of gu gu (aunty)
Me: No, you have to take care of daddy too.
Little J: I don’t want.

Sigh! Very stubborn girl. I guess I have to continue this conversation some other night since Little J was tired and hardly can continue the conversation. Just turning 3 years old, and she is that stubborn yet thoughtful. Her poor dad……Wonder does he need to put up shelter in Old Folk’s Home when he is older?? Lol!!


mybabybay said...

Looks like daddy need to spend some quality time with her.

Sasha said...

kesian the daddy. time to spend some time with small J, big J