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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our princess is sick again

Little J stays at home today, as she is down with cough and fever. She has been coughing and having running nose since last Friday. Since she did not have fever during the weekend, we did not bring her to see doctor till yesterday afternoon when she suddenly came back from school with fever.

Doctor recorded 36C, slightly feverish. She has to take 4 medicines (flu, mucus, cough and fever). Little J said she doesn’t like to take medicine, and commenting all except the syrup for mucus are not nice. Which medicine is nice, you tell me?? Doctor even prescribed antibiotic just in case her condition worsen, but so far her fever is down. She doesn’t look sick to me, still moving actively around and chatty as usual, except for the occasional coughing and sneezing.

At the clinic, Little J was been weighed, and up to yesterday she is weighing at 14.4kg. She is still picky on her food and taking a long time to finish a bowl of rice. She loves fishes especially the fried one. Anchovies are her favourite. As she is sick, I cook her white porridge and fry little anchovies for her. She can swallow the whole bowl of porridge and anchovies.


lvynana said...

get well soon dear.

slavemom said...

Hope Little J is all well now.