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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Showing off her writing

Just the other night after she turning 3 years old, Little J came to me requesting for paper. She wanted to write on a white paper. Usually I don't like her to scribble on the white papers as it is wasted eventually. I would give her some recycled papers to scribble. But that night, Little J was standing on the computer chair and requested for a piece of white paper that kept on the computer desk. I gave in to her request.

It turned out to be a surprise for me as she was showing me her writing skill. Hmm, I am impressed that she suddenly can write so many alphabets. And she was showing off, telling me what letters she wrote etc. The writing was slightly light because she used colour pencil and did not press hard on the paper. But it just make me a happy mum to see her progressing. *smile*

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